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Super Smash Bros. Tournament Rules


Tournament Info

  1. The tournament bracket will be hosted through
  2. The tournament will be double-elimination
  3. All sets will be best of 3.
    • Each match will be two stocks with a 6-minute timer.
    • All items are disabled.
  4. The event coordinator will supply WiiU Pro Controllers. There will also be a GameCube controller adapter if attendees would like to use their Gamecube controller.
    • Use of any other controllers, including 3DS, WiiU Gamepad, or Wii controller w/ nunchaku is prohibited.
  5. Custom moves and Amiibos are banned.
  6. Use of any cheating devices will result in immediate disqualification.



  1. Starter stages:
    • Battlefield
    • Final Destination
    • Smashville
    • Town and City
  2. Counterpicks:
    • Lylat Cruise
    • DreamLand 64
    • Omega form of Wily Castle, Suzaku Castle, or Midgar


General Rules

  1. Players can request a double-blind character selection for first match (both write-down/whisper their characters to a third party). This is typically unnecessary.
  2. Gentleman’s Rule is in effect for all matches
    • This means that there does not have to be a formal stage selection. If both players agree to a stage regardless of whether that stage has been won on before, they can play on that stage.
  3. If players cannot agree on the first stage selection, they take turns striking starter stages until only one is left; that is the first stage they play on.
    • Rock, paper, scissors can be used to decide who strikes first/second.
  4. The loser of the match gets to pick the next stage from the stage list. The winner is able to ban one stage. The winner then has a chance to change characters, followed by the loser. Nobody is character locked.
    • As long as both players agree, non-legal stages are okay, though please no stages used for 8-player Smash (Big Battlefield, etc.)
    • Modified DSR is in effect.
      • This means that a player cannot counter-pick a stage he/she has won on previously. The Gentleman’s Rule supersedes this.
  5. If the game ends with a self-destruct move (e.g. Ganon’s Flame Choke or Bowser’s Flying Slam), the results screen will determine the winner (no suicide rule).
  6. If the timer runs out, the player with the lower % is the winner.
  7. In the rare case of sudden death not caused by a timeout, the winner will be determined by a 3-minute, 1-stock battle.

Tournament Winner Information

  1. Tournament Champion will receive 40% of the registration fees and the Grand Champion Trophy.
  2. Runner-up will receive 10% of the registration fees and a Runner-Up Medallion.
  3. Tournament Champion and Runner-up will be asked to complete a W-9 form in order to receive the cash prize.   Cash prizes will be mailed by check to winners within 10 business days.

50% of Entry Fees & 100% of Concession Proceeds will be used to continue funding

Youth-Based Community Activities in Brooke & Hancock counties.

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