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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions not answered below, please fill out the form here and your question will be answered within 48 hours.


1) How many prizes are available?

  • Each day has 1 Grand Prize Basket that will match the theme of each community.  A listing of event prizes can be found here.  There will be consolation giveaways to anyone who arrives at the final location by 8:00pm.

2) What happens if two or more teams (individuals) make it to the end at the same time?

  • Each station, including the last, will have a task that participants must complete.  At the last station, there will also be a final riddle that must be solved to win the grand prize basket.  If more than one team finishes the task at the same time, both teams will be given the final riddle and the first team to buzz in and give the correct answer will be the grand prize winner.

3) Do I have to be a member of a team to participate?

  • No.  Individuals are welcome to participate on their own.  

4) How many members can I have on my Team?

  • Teams will consist of 2-5 members, no exceptions.  Groups that have a child 12 and under must have an adult (18+) in the group.  Additional youth rules can be found here.

5) One of my Team Members dropped out in the middle of the event, what do I do?

  • As soon as your team arrives at your next location inform staff of the missing member.  Once you have notified staff of a drop-out, they can not be re-added to the team.

6) Can my team work with another team?

  • It is great that you want to cooperate with others.  Just remember that there is only one prize at the end.

7) Can I drive to each location?

  • You are permitted to use whatever means of transportation you wish, BUT we do promote walking to each location.​

8) Can I get a refund for my registration?

  • Participants who pre-register may recieve a refund for the amount of registration ($5/individual or $3/team member) if they are no longer able to participate on the day of the event they registered for.  There will not be a refund issued for any additional fees collected at the time of registration.  We do ask that you remember this is a fundraiser and registrations are considered donations to help fund the ASAP Youth Council and Brooke Hancock Family Resource Network youth activities. 


9) I left something at one of the landmark stops, what do I do?  

  • Lost items will be taken to the Rabbit Hole Registration Booth if found.  They will be available all week.  Items not claimed during the event will be taken to the Brooke Hancock Family Resource Network located at 1300 Potomac Avenue, Upper Level - Weirton.  You can also call the BHFRN at (304) 748-7850 to see if your item has been found.

10) I don't really want to participate, but would like to give a donation.  How do I go about doing that?  

  • There are a variety of ways to donate.  If you wish for your donation to go directly towards the ASAP Youth Council and BHFRN youth activities, then you can do so through the registration portal found here.
  • If you would like to donate to the BHFRN directly or one of our other programs, you can find more information by visiting the BHFRN Donation page found here.

11) Are donations tax deductable?

  • Yes.  The Brooke Hancock Family Resource Network is a 501(c)(3) organization.  If you would like to recieve documenentation of your donation, you can submit a request here.


12) How can I help with future events?

  • If you are interested in learning more about the Advocates for Substance Abuse Prevention or the Brooke Hancock Family Resource Network please contact us at (304) 748-7850.  We are always looking for new members and volunteers.
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